Ráðstefna í maí


Challenges Facing Educational Researchers

FUM conference in Reykjavík, May 2016

Location:        University of Iceland, School of Education, Stakkahlíð

Thursday, May 12
12:00               Registration desk opens
13:00-13:15    Opening of the conference
13:15-13:45    Keynote 1 – Laura Colucci-Gray Senior Lecturer University of Aberdeen: Ethical issues and dilemmas in educational research: Being and knowing through relationships in Higher Education
13:45-14:15    Keynote 2 – Stephen McKinney, Professor, University of Glasgow:  Responsible Research in Education
14:15-14:45    Group discussion. Keynote speakers provide questions for the group to discuss and each group submits comments
14:45-15:10    Keynote speakers respond to select topics from discussions
15:10-15:30    Coffee break
15:30-17:00    Parallel sessions (papers and posters)

Friday, May 13

9:00-9:30        Keynote 3 – Hervör Alma Árnadóttir, Assistant Professor, University of Iceland:  Gatekeeper – Children‘s voice in research
9:30-9:50        Group discussion. Keynote speaker provides questions for the group to discuss and each group submits comments
9:50-10:00      Keynote speakers respond to select topics from discussions.
10:00-10:20    Coffee break
10:20-11:50    Parallel sessions
11:50-12:10    Networking – research “speed dating”. Researchers with potential project ideas will able to look for research partners

12.10-13:00    Lunch break

13:00-13:40    Keynote 4 – Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson, Professor, University of Iceland: Working across borders in educational research – lessons from participating in international research projects
13:45-14:30    Roundtable sessions
1. Ethical issues in educational research
2. Research methods in education
3. Comparative research in education

14:30-15:00    Closing of the conference
15:00-16:00    Social hour

Registration fee 3,900 kr for members of FUM and 5,900 kr. for non-members.

Conference registration send e-mail to amaliabj@hi.is



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