Conference May 2018


When? Wednesday May 16th, 2018 from 10 am to 4.30 pm

Where? School of Education, Stakkahlíð, Reykjavík

Conference held by the Icelandic Educational Research Association in cooperation with the University of Iceland, Akureyri University, Ministry of Education and Culture, The Icelandic Teacher´s Union, The Icelandic Association of Local Authorities, The National Parent Association, Youth Worker Association,  High-School Student Association, Ombudsman for children, Institute of Education and Research.

The Conference seeks to bring together professionals, researchers, policy makers, students and parents to discuss the collaborative responsibility on developing and implementing educational policy. The conference theme evolves around a holistic approach to education, the connection between formal and informal learning, youth and leisure activities as well as the education that people attain outside the formal school system. Many forces shape the educational system in modern times, including technology, culture and politics.

We call for abstracts that shed light on those forces from the perspectives of various stakeholders.

Key note presenters – press here for more information

Dr. Jón Torfi Jónasson, Professor at the School of Education, University of Iceland

Dr. Helen Janc Malone, Director of  Institutional Advancement and Education Policy, Institute of Educational Leadership, Washington

Abstract should be 150-200 words and contain a concise description of the presentation. The conference committee will evaluate the abstracts and respond to authors before March 10, 2018. For further information contact Kolbrún Pálsdóttir, kolbrunp (a)

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